Expressions of the Soul

My head hurts!

Hello to you!

Hard to believe it is time to blog, again…I know, it is supposed to be an easy thing to do…just tell folks what you have been up to. Well, I think about what I am doing and think, “Oh, I need to blog about this!” Then, by the time I sit down to blog…I’ve forgotten what it was that I did.

What I do remember is this past weekend I was with my spouse, David, in Cotati, CA for the (yes) annual accordion festival. You heard me. David is a wonderful fiber artist (as well as musician, and well, he needs his own blog page to tell you a portion of everything else he does). So, he was at the festival selling his wares. A wonderful line of tee shirts, hats, wallets, and bags all with pieced accordions and snappy little sayings on them. My contribution is minimal…with the exception of ideas – which I seem to have in abundance. Anyway…I did survive the weekend…and that was in perile at times!

So, this weekend I will be at our local Farmer’s Market, for the first time. I need to get a few new items for this crowd to oggle and desire to have one (or several!) of their very own. Then it is just a few short weeks until the Alden Lane Nursery Quilt show in Livermore, CA. I am really looking forward to going there and spending time in this lovely space.

For now, I leave you and look forward to our next “visit”.


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