Expressions of the Soul

Entry for September 3

Trying to be faithful to my new resolution to blog…somewhat regularly…here I am!

This past week was packed full of excitment! I am nearly done giving images to my dear friend, Jana, to scan for me in the creation of a cd which I will have available, for purchase, later this month. It is a personal collection of photos I have amassed from flea markets and estate sales over the (dare I say) past couple of decades. There are also some yummy “scrap” images I found at a local antique event. Actual scrapbook pages from a young girl’s life. The remainder are photographs that no one wanted and have ended up in my collection…I always love looking at the clothing, props, and expressions of the “subjects.” There are times when the evidence of a life full of hard work has taken its toll on a once handsome/beautiful face, creating in it’s stead a different kind of beauty.

We decided to honor Labor Day, by actually laboring! Nothing exceptional, but still labor! David was off for the day and it was nice to have the extra hands to help do what I do not normally get done…due to the excessive blogging requirement of my life! We did end the day with a traditional cookout and a spirited game of Skipbo. Now, if you’ve ever played Skipbo, you know it takes a little creativity to make it spirited, but, we rose to the occasion!

Oh, I nearly forgot! Last Sunday was my first Sunday at our new local Farmer’s Market. The beauty of the day was incredible. It was for only four hours (except you know me, I had to be there plenty early to get set up and be ready, on time or a little early, which, apparently was not true for the majority of my fellow vendors!) Anyway, it was absolutely beautiful and it made me thankful again that we live in such a lovely place. Talking with neighbors and friends is a great way to pass the day!

I am working on new items and am nearly ready to post them to the website. Be certain to check them out. Speaking of…I need to get to work on those! Take care and have a good day!



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