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Hello all! There is just so much to share. Two weekends ago, David and I traveled to Livermore, CA to participate in the annual event called “Quilting in the Garden.” It is presented by Alden Lane Nursery and In Between Stitches. Well, I must tell you, it was magical. Seeing the expression of nature in all its glory and the expression of human in its glory. The old, old, old oak trees had lines which held these beautiful works of art. The weather was very cooperative and the squirrels did not steal anything from my booth, so what else could a person need? This is the show where I introduced five of my own patterns! Yes, I finally did it. People were very enthusiastic about them! I’ll tell you what else I got that I really needed…that was meeting a new group of people! I got to talk and hear touching stories and just be open to the treasure that was laid before me. It was such a rich and lush experience. I cannot wait to go back next year!

Many of you may know I work one day a week at one of our local quilt stores. I have worked there for over four years and due to the state of our economy it became necessary for the store to close one day a week. Yes, you guessed it, the day I normally work! As it turns out, that has been okay. I have rededicated myself to my creative work and learning how to do some things I have wanted to take the time to add to my life. I will be posting more things on (if you have never been to Etsy go there now…I’ll wait!) and changing from a website to a blogsite, only. All the same information will be there on the blogsite and purchases can be made by either contacting me via e-mail, the telephone, snail mail, or going to Etsy! That way I can save a little each month by not having to pay a web host. Plus, when I am needed at the quilt shop, I still get to go in to fill in here and there!

I am getting a new camera and vow to learn how to use it to incorporate more pictures into my blog and pictures for Etsy. It will be an opportunity for growth, new creativity and a fresh approach to doing what I love the most! Remember, I will be in Los Altos, CA on October 19 for the California Country Antiques Show. We folkartists are located right next to the History House Museum. Stop by and say hello and see what goodies we have to offer you. Until then!


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