Expressions of the Soul

Your Order of Insanity Has Arrived

This will be quick, as I am already tardy in posting! Yes, it is that time of year. What was I thinking, doing so many shows so closely together? It is unbelievable how many things present themselves that take time away from my “work” time! You know, like laundry, dinner, those daily walks that are supposed to keep me from becoming the size of a mobile home, oh yes, and my spouse. Yes, for some reason he wants me to pay attention to him. I cannot imagine why, for I am not always the most sweet and pleasant person to be around when I am under pressure!
All that aside, we leave this Friday for Lodi, CA for the Tokay Stitch ‘n Quilt Guild. This year it is entitled “Silver Legacy.” They hold it November 1 and 2 at the Zinfandel Hall at the Grape Festival (my kind of place!) Grounds. Come by and say hello!
On that note, it is back to work…I hear those fabrics calling my name! Talk to you soon!


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