Expressions of the Soul

Chaos, not just a Theory!

First of all, you just never know how things will turn out and whatever expectations you have, the end result is usually far different than you could have ever guessed. You are touched in ways you never could imagine!
All this to say, we were fortunate enough to participate in a charming quilt show in Lodi, California this past weekend. There were about 100 or so quilts from members of the local quilt guild. Despite the rain folks came and smiled and visited with us and were genuinely nice folks. The best part (I know it is always difficult to focus on just one) was my dear, sweet husband offered his talents (quite unbidden) to play music for the show. They were so grateful for his gift. One of the guild members went home, baked a fresh apple tart and brought it back to him along with a beautiful thank you note. I mean, it is hard to find anything more touching than that!
Now, for the Chaos. Yes, it is in the form of my work room. Oh, my, if it weren’t for the graphic horror of it all I’d post a picture, but alas, it is just too much for me to subject the world to at this time! I am supposed to be digging out and moving piles from one place to another to get ready for (gasp!) this weekend’s next show! It is like my closet(well, not really as my closet is very neat and organized as something in our home needs to be – but since losing weight my choices of what to wear has declined and I am very happy on the one hand about that but bored with the same four choices as to what to wear, yes, I’ve gone off course here)…I have nothing done or ready to offer…and only three work days as this Friday I get to spend the day with a friend. You know, I truly feel that is more important than making two more things to put in my booth.
So, having said all this, I am going to get back to attempt to bring some much needed straightening so I can actually find the patterns I created to make some new things. I always have ideas I never get to and items that do not get finished…hey, that gives me an idea….
Until we meet again!


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