Expressions of the Soul

It’s a New Day!

As surely as morning follows night, it is indeed, a new day! Someone wise once said the only difference between nowhere and now here is where you put the spacing. Makes you stop and think, if I am not here, now, enjoying or making the most of now, where will I be going and will I like the result of things when I arrive.

This past weekend was the Autumn Artisans Faire in Aptos. It was the sixth year and I think it felt like the best one so far. I do so enjoy reconnecting with folks that often I see only one time a year. They share with me the reaction of their dear friends as the gifts they gave were received with great delight. Oh, the bliss of it all for my heart. I always tell people that I do what I do because I cannot not do it! (For some reason it always sounds more intense after a glass of wine…which…no…I’ve not had yet today nor in the middle of a show…but I often fantasize about it…I am off track…again!) I had folks who have never come to visit my booth before come and talk and take treasures with them. It was so much fun letting folks see the “other” side of me! There are a couple of pictures of my newest creations. The two oval things are pincushions, my newest pattern and the heart I finished the day before the show. It now has a new home. The inspiration for that heart was from Reet’s Rags to Stitches (she is something else!).

It is hard to believe, but I am still trying to dig out my workspace to get ready for the next show in less than two weeks. This time it was even worse, as a key piece of furniture left to travel with me to the show and everything that was on top of it is now in piles, teetering on the edge of another pile! I did manage to clear off my computer chair so I could write this, so things are looking up!

Yesterday, David and I took a little drive down to Monterey to look at the ocean. I know, we can see the ocean from our front balcony, but the waves and coloring are different there than here! So, off we went. It was cold and overcast when we got there, but the bench was empty, right in front of our parking space, and off we went to marvel at the wonder of the water. I’ve included a picture of what we saw.

Time for me to get to getting started with what is rumbling around in my head and transfer it to something someone can hold in their hands.

Have a terrific day, remember to breathe deeply and be grateful for this now moment and be here, now.


One response

  1. Mindy

    I love the picture of the water!

    November 11, 2008 at 4:45 pm

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