Expressions of the Soul

Amazed, I am

That Yoda fellow, profound and lovable was he…and he spoke how I often think and I guess, create – sort of out of “order”! It would seem we all do that (some of us more often than others!) and can take comfort in hearing we are not alone in the “disorder” of our mind.

This is the time of year when we begin to slow down and reflect on the doings of the past twelve months. It is also so natural that upon this reflection we find ourselves often overcome by all we have for which to be thankful. Who knew we would be thankful to find gasoline for less than $2.00 per gallon, but we are. Who knew we would be inspired and hopeful because of a young black man many of us had never heard of a decade ago, but we are. Who knew we can reach out, communicate, feel our lives change as we become a part of lives of individuals from across the globe via a blog, but we are.

That is where I am today. I am remembering this past year and all the ideas I have had. Not all of them have materialized into actual physical form – yet – but I am grateful for them. I have seen whales swimming on their way to colder waters. That is something I dreamed of for years (no, not the swimming part, the watching part!). And to think all I had to do is walk across the street one evening and there they were! Thankful I am for that! The times Stella (my daughter Mindy’s pug) makes us laugh at things we never knew would strike us as funny. I am thankful for how Stella draws us closer. That is certainly not something I would have ever thought would happen.

I am grateful for all those souls I have connected with during the shows I have participated in this past year. I can feel myself growing and less fearful. I have flung myself off the cliff (so to speak) and my little wings are wildly flapping to save me from plummeting to the ground in certain death. I have faith that whatever has happened is okay and is a part of the order and journey that is my life. Grateful I am that you are a part of that.

The photo on today’s post is a collection of hearts I have created. I thought they looked interesting together in a group. They are resting in one of David’s wall boxes (I am grateful for his talents in this area!). Email me for details if any of those hearts needs to be in your life or the life of someone close to you.

The wonderful Santa painting included on today’s blog is the talent of Emily Hollinger. She will be front and center at the Los Altos show (in less than two weeks). Her work is incredible. Come see it and the works of the other talented folk artists. As if that were not enough the collections available from the antique dealers will make you swoon with delight! Come join us – we have fun, food and live music!

So, here we are. Whatever your journey, now or times past, I trust you look back with gratitude for that which brought you to where you are now and thankful you will be.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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