Expressions of the Soul

I don’t understand

There is just so much I don’t understand. Like – when I go to a web address and attempt to navigate I don’t understand how I can get so lost! Or, why do I have to take a long walk every day when I probably walk a mile or two just around the house, looking for something I know is somewhere, here, in the house. Or, when you attempt to do something for yourself or your loved ones and instead of helping it turns into a huge, HUGE mess that you do not know how to fix. The list goes on.

As you can see the hours are swiftly passing by until our next show. The final one of the year. After that I just have four or so orders to fill and then I can think about the upcoming holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing shows. I love doing the creative side of life. I just don’t understand how to not let it take over my life entirely.

I did manage (with Mindy’s help) to get three new items posted on Etsy yesterday! That took me hours! Like this probably will. No, it can’t I only have three days until the show!

I also don’t understand how the individuals featured in the publications show the studio where they create being so neat and tidy. Creation is messy! So, here is my plan. I am taking photos of my studio, where I create. After I am finished (for now) creating I will take photos of my studio cleaned up. I will post the clean studio photos first and then, when you least suspect, I will post the REAL studio photos – complete with thoughts of “why, why, why” and “what were you thinking?” Look for that, coming soon to a Blog near you!

We will talk soon, you and I. I hope to see you this Saturday. Be sure to let me know if you are following this by leaving a comment and if you want to share with your friends or another site, by all means do so. Understand?

Until next time.


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