Expressions of the Soul


Well, I am not sure what I have to share! I am (nearly) rested from this fall’s busy schedule, which is leaving me a little short on creating Christmas cheer. What I’d really like is a massage, a hot tub, another bottle of wine, someone to come in and clean my house, fill my refrigerator, bake the cookies, and put up the Christmas decorations. Oh yes, there is package wrapping to be done. The two remaining orders I have to fill (yes, yes, I know, I know) I will gladly tackle, just as soon as I get both brain cells functioning – at the same time! The good news is…this year we agreed – only things which will fit into a stocking and the entire thing cannot exceed $100.00. Sounded easy at the time, but, of course, it has proven challenging!
So, for now I leave you with tremendous thanks for all you give to me during the year and for those words of encouragement that let me know why I do what I do! Take care, eat a cookie for me, and take a moment to remember how important you are.


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