Expressions of the Soul

News from the cave of the Lone Wolf

Why is it the things we think we love to do are often the most difficult? Not in the doing but in the way they fit in with the rest of the world. I recently found out I am not the only person who doesn’t fit in like I thought EVERYONE else did. I often refer to myself as a Lone Wolf. I create alone. My spouse has a job which demands most of his time. And getting involved with anyone else’s trials is just more than I care to absorb at this stage of my life. So, all this to say I am a Lone Wolf by choice.
One of my closest friends is currently having to move, due to the reality of the current economic situation and how the banks are willing (or not!) to work with individuals. Suddenly we are profit margins, not people who have worked hard all their lives trying to live the American Dream. As we worked boxing up the memories I notice what once seemed so important falls to the wayside. I even find myself not accepting things and saying “no” with no need to explain myself.
In addition to helping my friend leave her home, I am working with another friend who is having to close the doors to her business. Change, not just for pockets any more.
Someone recently asked me what my favorite movie is. I had to ask before I answered what category this movie would inhabit. I answered, “Bridges of Madison County.” The next question I was asked was, “Why that movie?” Truth be told because of the line, “We are the choices we have made.” I did not share that simple answer. Oh no. I went on at some length about the romance, passion, putting others before yourself and ultimate loyalty to those we have made a commitment to. But, when it comes down to it, the choices we make shape all the rest.
The question I ask myself is, “Am I choosing to do what I most want in life?” I’ll let you know my answer soon. In the meantime, back to the cave!


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