Expressions of the Soul

Hello, again! I am drenched – but not by rain – which has been a definite possibility (and very much needed) these past few weeks. No, I am drenched in bliss! Last weekend was the PVQA quilt guild’s annual quilt show. This was the eighth year I have been a vendor for that show. Hard to believe! The show was well organized (as usual) and well attended. Folks were very appreciative of all the beautiful quilts on display. There were returning vendors and new ones which kept things very exciting. This was the first year I displayed my new line of Gypsy Threads patterns! This past year I developed seven patterns with as many more in the works. Just like any creative undertaking there is always a lot more work to produce the end product than you envisioned in the beginning! But, how are you going to grow if you stay in the same place? Grow is my intent! Speaking of growing I will be doing so on the opposite side of the country in just a few short days. I am really looking forward to taking myself and my work to Wakefield, Virginia for a show I do there with a group of folk artist friends. Then it is back and in nine short days a wonderful quilt show in Santa Clara. This is the first venture with this quilt guild for me. I have met several of the guild members and am looking forward to working with them. Come by and visit with me at any of the shows I am vending and let me know you read about it here on my blog.
I have fallen in love with a quilt shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin, called Country Sampler. Check out their website, You will see why I love it so!
So, drenched in the bliss of the affirmations received this past weekend I leave you and go on to get ready for my rapidly approaching departure time for the east coast!


One response

  1. Mindy

    Sounds like you’re busy. Love the picture!

    March 2, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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