Expressions of the Soul

"Catch Up" is not just for fries!

I know, it is a pretty bad title…but…after all this time you would be disappointed if I offered anything less! Oh, there is so much to share after all this time of not updating!

The PVQA quilt show in Watsonville, the last of February, was just wonderful. I got to share my latest creations, to include a new pattern, with all who came by to visit and shop. The quilts were beautiful and folks were ready to venture out again into the big new world which is being recreated for many of us.

After that show I traveled all the way across the country to a little town (or is it just a “spot?”), Wakefield, Virginia. That is where my folk artist friend, Joan, uses her paintbrush to create lovely “must-haves” for your home and life. She and a group of friends host a folk art show there twice a year. I was invited to bring my things and participate. I can only imagine what the inspector types thought if they opened my suitcase full of old looking stuff, wondering why I’d be paying to ship it to and from. I must confess this was probably the easiest travel I have ever been on. I often encounter more problems going from the couch, using the remote, and figuring out which snack I’ll be enjoying with my latest dvd from Netfllx! By the way, the food on my trip was so very, very good I nearly came unglued several times! The entire adventure (and I used that word whole-heartedly!) was just what my soul needed. I returned feeling refreshed and ready to get ready for my next show…in just ten days!

I got to participate in a lovely show in Santa Clara, CA. What a terrific group of folks there. I have never been so “attended to” by a guild before! The entire experience was top drawer! I saw folks I’ve seen all over the state this past year. It was wonderful putting faces and places together. I even treated myself to a night at the local Hilton (my first-ever Hilton experience). Not having the long drive after Saturday’s show and an easy commute (across the street) the following morning made for a relaxing time. We all know a relaxed vendor is a happy vendor! Which means when the show is over, packing it all up and going home to unpack and put it all away is a much easier task.

The morning following that show (we departed at 6:30 a.m.), David and I were on the road to Chico, CA. We drove up there for business. We had dinner, checked things out, visited the two (!) quilt stores in town and drove over to Paradise to see if it was as advertised. From what we saw, it is! More on Chico soon!

After being on the go, I realized I am very tired! I took several days to regroup…okay…regroup may just be a fancy word for laying around! Much to my horror awful things really had taken place in my studio between when I was in there working, getting things ready for the shows, doing the shows, and the day I walked all the way in (did you hear the sobs?) after the shows. Yes, it was all my fault and I really don’t know how it happened. It is just like those pounds most of us encounter over the holidays. They just arrive…

Over the next few days I made several half-hearted attempts at putting things back where they belong and it was just too much for me to digest! Today, I am back at it. Only I can see the four square inches I’ve straightened. You see, there are layers. Yes. My mother would not be proud of me. In fact, I am pretty sure she would probably faint at first sight. The worst part of it is…I didn’t set a very good example for my own daughter. But then again I have noticed her apartment is much cleaner than usual…perhaps it got her to thinking how she doesn’t want to be like her mother! Reverse psychology…why didn’t I think of this before?

Well, that is all the “catch up” for today because I just heard one of those piles shifting a little from the balance being disrupted. Like they say, there is no time like the present!


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