Expressions of the Soul

Opportunity vs. Obstacle

Life certainly does present some wonderful opportunities for us. This is a time when viewing change as an opportunity or obstacle comes into play for many of us. My opportunity is now coming as a time to rethink the things in my life as I prepare to move to a new home, community, and way of doing the day to day rituals of living. My obstacle comes in being fearful I will not have all the things (people and places) I have grown used to over the years. Then again, when I moved here from upstate New York I did not have any of those in place and here I am with an entire new horizon of opportunity to overcome the perceived obstacles!

Have you ever heard of Spring Green, Wisconsin? I had not until I was introduced to it by the artist, Stacy Nash. She is friends with a quilt shop in, yes, you guessed – Spring Green, Wisconsin! I visited the website of the shop and found out that they were awarded the honor of being named one of the top ten quilt stores in America! Upon further reading I also found out there are several others in the surrounding area that over the years have also received the same honor. Those shops decided to band together and offer an opportunity for individuals to get on a bus and visit each shop. I can only imagine the obstacles they had to overcome as they booked buses, reserved hotel rooms, made up roommate assignments, organized snacks and a hot meal for weary travelers – for starters!

I was one of those people who participated in this adventure! It was a wonderful time. I shared a room with a girl from the neighboring town where I grew up and as it turns out, she and her friends are friends with someone I lost contact with years ago and have not been able to find! Who would have thought that would/could happen?

The best part was, I must say, I had such joy in being surrounded by that which speaks volumes to my heart. The fabrics, the people, the countryside, the food, and the opportunites which presented themselves where endless! Bliss is just about the only word I can come up with to describe the entire adventure. I definitely was changed by what I experienced!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My son (who drives long-distance truck) called early in the day and we had a terrific conversation. My daughter (who shares our home) her pug, Stella, and David (my sweet husband) and I took the short drive to Pacific Grove. If you have never been there, I hope some day you will be able. It is so beautiful there. The water is just unlike anywhere else in this area. You can take the road that winds from Pacific Grove to Asilomar and it goes directly along the coast. Mindy, Stella, and I chose to walk a portion. Well, it was divine. The breeze was blowing, but not too hard and the sun was out and the temperature was nearly perfect. It was such an incredible opportunity. Who would have thought that would happen and bring such a feeling of completness to my heart?

So, as I reflect, I did not sew a stitch last week, but recovered from my travels. I also prepared to embrace the coming opportunites of a move from a place I know well (and not at all) to a new place where I will overcome the fears and perceived obstacles as they present themselves. With that in mind, I’d better go see if I need more packing boxes and decide is I really need to move those jars I have been saving for buttons!


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