Expressions of the Soul

This is where I am…

Just a quick update…this is where I am…still a few more boxes to unpack. Not a whole lot is put away, with the exception of the rubber stamps! They were in several boxes, which I did manage to unearth at just the right time. The entire room is a puzzle, with pieces having to fit in at just the right sequence in order for the next thing to go where it needs to. Did I mention the room is smaller and a different shape? Oh, the good news is the computer, printer, and television are all in their cabinet. I got a television cabinet at a yard sale and David refitted it for the keyboard and computer. The bad news – I had to go buy a new keyboard because from last evening to this morning my “old” one decided to no longer work. The “gentleman” at Best Buy (my only real option) told me that a wired keyboard is ancient technology. Imagine that. Oh, well, it was bound to happen. With all the packing, moving, cleaning, painting and unpacking I have not had the energy (did I mention it has been over 100 degrees for the past week or more?) to take my daily walk – and additionally I’ve lost my walking partner. So, I have motivate myself and we all know that is often the most difficult part. The spirit is willing, the flesh, not so much! Enough of the excuses. It is off with my robust self, back to the boxes and then to the pavement! Thank you for reading. Leave me a comment so I don’t feel so all alone in this new city!


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  1. Lori

    Well, I can so relate to the motivation to keep moving! My best wishes in your new city and home. Keep those creative juices flowing. Oh, I did just get to The Country Sampler quilt shop this past weekend! Devine it was!

    Lori (homespunprimsbylori)

    July 25, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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