Expressions of the Soul

It’s that time!

It is time for me to let you know my progress! As you can see, I am actually getting things put in place. The entire room is not yet done, but at least things are in the general area they are destined to be used and some have settled into their home. You can see how many little bitty things there are to put away and in a 25′ truck…so, you do the math!
David has spent untold hours lugging boxes up, down, over, and back again. Fixing shelves to the wall and of course the floors are not real level, so, the storage units need a little “fortification” so they will not decide to travel. That is not to mention the refitting of an entertainment cabinet to house the computer, printer, television (a new addition to my studio – which is supposed to keep me working, longer hours!) and general “office” things. Sounds good, does it not? The little twinkle light installation was a challenge, but only in two corners of the room, which technically makes it only one half a challenge, right?
I am grateful and somewhat more motivated today as it is finally a (what I consider) more reasonable temperature…less than 80 degrees. It feels cool after the 100+ degree days we have been having for the past few weeks. Folks say it hasn’t been too hot this summer. Hmmmmmmmmm…
We have been blessed with fresh peaches from several folks. Oh, they are good, good, good. We have a tomato or two on the vine. I go out every morning to visit them and give everyone a little drink to get them through the hot day. I have only lost two or three little plants which I moved and placed in the ground. Not too bad, all in all.
Tonight David and I attend the quilt guild meeting here in Chico. It is our first and I am so looking forward to seeing what this crowd of quilters is up to!
Well, it is time for me to continue the putting away process and then go for a lovely walk. See you soon! Remember to leave me a comment and tell your friends about me.


One response

  1. Mindy

    Wow! Sounds like you two are getting settled in. What an adventure moving is! Here's to peach trees…

    August 6, 2009 at 6:32 pm

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