Expressions of the Soul

I’d like to be an Artful Blogger!

Yes, that wonderful magazine by Somerset Studio found it’s way into my hands just last Sunday. Mind you, this is not the first copy of that particular magazine I have treated myself to…I just became more aware that I could improve my blog…maybe! Whatever becomes of this desire I have I am in awe of the fabulous blogs out there.
What I do not comprehend is how do these artists have time to make such lovely blogs, tweet, mother (or father), cook, clean, garden, take lovely photos at dawn, often maintain a website, go grocery/yard sale/flea market/estate sale/thrift store/craft/quilt store shopping, maintain intimate friendships, take a class, walk the dog, workout, meditate, and oh, yes…CREATE ART to sell!
It takes me considerable time to even write the blog, find out where that photo went…I just took it and where did that particular photo folder go? I would like to indent my paragraphs-but haven’t figured that one out yet! I’d also like to put the photo (after I finally locate it!) in the middle of my blog, but that one eludes me also!
I am a very visual person. That is how I learn best, by seeing something done. I decided to watch a blogger at work. I went to see the movie, “Julie and Julia”. She had 52 followers after only two postings! Okay, so from time to time I suffer from “follower envy.” All that aside it was truly a wonderful movie. Some day when I am all caught up, I’ll watch it again!
I did sign up for (drum roll please) three shows this fall! The one I tried for in the Spring and it was full and I tried again…still full…until an hour later, someone had withdrawn, so I am in! I’ll let you know the date, location and time closer to the actual show. The show I took a deep breath and went for is one I did last year. It is a lovely show and I am looking forward to returning there. It is in September and details will be forthcoming soon!
I have several new patterns I want to introduce for this show. Guess that means I’d better put my desire and determination to be featured in that Somerset Studio publication aside…just for a little while…and get to creating something to take with me to these upcoming shows!
Just in case you are wondering, the two photos at the beginning are 3″ x 3″ canvas collages I made this week.They would be perfect in a tiny spot where you need a bit of color or inspiration! Each one is painted, stamped using the tissue from a vintage sewing pattern in some places, elements added, and finally the entire thing is painted with beeswax! The sides are also stamped and the back has decorative paper that has been stamped and signed by the artist…oh, that is me! They are for sale on my Etsy store!
Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments.


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