Expressions of the Soul

A Quick Check-In

Okay, so it would seem that I have fallen off the face of the earth…not so!
I did, however, travel from California to Virginia to do a lovely little folk art show with my dear friend, Joan. It was a lovely way to spend a week of my life. I do so appreciate Joan and her dear spouse, DJ. They treat me with such love and kindness! Thank you to them.
On the last day of my visit I could feel it, yes, a cold, or something kin to it! So, off to the store I went and loaded up on preventatives. Luckily for me they headed it off – or so I thought! I forged ahead getting ready for the Annie’s Star Quilt Guild show last weekend (my first venture into this new territory and boy, was I scared!) and by Saturday afternoon I was worn out and totally voiceless! Home I went and straight to bed. Sunday (I was alone in the booth until 1:30 or so) was interesting in that when folks learned I was without voice, they quietly tiptoed out of my booth, leaving me to heal, I guess! AUGH!
Well, it was a nice show and I was received, rejoiced and appreciated. Phew!
This week has found me back in my workroom creating for next week’s show at the Honey Run Historical Covered Bridge (from 10-4 on Saturday, November 7). I am looking forward to spending a day in this bridge. I’ll bet it has stories to tell as it was constructed in 1896!
The cold still lingers on, but each day is better than the day before and I am stitching away, wondering where the time goes and occasionally expressing my gratitude to David as he does whatever he can to help me get ready.
Thanks for reading, leaving your comments and supporting my creative madness!
Happy Halloween!


One response

  1. Anonymous

    hi carolyn im katie. my mom and i are close to joan. we saw you at the craft show in windsor. you have wonderful things. so creative and fun. i have my frames you made in my room. have a wonderful thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing your items next year in VA. feel better!

    November 1, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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