Expressions of the Soul

Oh what a weekend!

Last weekend was the annual PVQA quilt show at the fairgrounds in Watsonville, CA.  There were the usual beautiful quilts, lovingly created, and greatly admired by the hundreds of people who walked the aisles amazed by each quilt they met.  Even though I am working in my booth, it doesn’t take too long to figure out the ones I need to run past as I dash to the bathroom or that one booth I just cannot NOT visit.  I know this because I hear folks exclaiming about the same quilt over and over!  That is when you know it is an outstanding gem amongst other gems and is not to be missed.

It was so good to see old friends whom I have missed since our move last summer.  They came with hugs, tales of what has gone on in my absence, and gifts.  I felt truly blessed.  They were very enthusiastic about the wares filling my booth, which is the fuel that gets me through from one show to the next.  During that time new inspirations came and I am most anxious to finish the orders I have awaiting and get on with the “new” stuff!

It looks and feels as if spring is actually around the corner.  There are all sorts of sweet little flower-faces peeking out from under the remaining leaves of autumn.  I am itching to get out to the yard and get things “in order” and of course introduce some new plants…but…first things first…preparing for the next show.  We will see how long that resolve lasts!  A girl needs a break from what she is working on right?  What better way than getting the garden beds in order?

We found ourselves in line Friday morning at 10:40 waiting for the theater doors to open so we could get good seats for “Alice in Wonderland.”  It was our first-ever 3D movie.  We (David and myself) did enjoy the experience.  Tim Burton is something else.  Whenever my loved ones question my sanity I always point out that I have nothing on Tim Burton!  He is a treasure.  Then of course, Johnny Depp is brilliant – as usual.  Yes, it was a “wonderful” way to spend a Friday morning.


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