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You Just Never Know

Gypsy Threads

Often after David is finished with church and the meeting(s) afterward we get in my little red car and go have a bite of lunch.  It is a time for us to talk about how the services went, were there any visitors, and generally how the experience affected him.  Yesterday on our way to lunch we saw “it”.  The sign posted boasting ESTATE SALE.  Being ever prudent and practical I mentioned we might want to go there first, before lunch, being that it was late already.  Off we went following the signs certain that we would end up in the neighboring state before we actually arrived at our destination.  We did indeed arrive and there was only one car there, which meant there were probably lots of things left for us, or nothing at all.  The sign invited us in.  We were not prepared for what was before us.  Bits and pieces of the lifetime of a doll maker, painter, and eccentric individual.  We were informed within mere seconds we had five minutes and they were closing.  The pressure was on, not to mention it was obvious these folks had had it.  Come to find out (in our five minutes) there were so many folks there yesterday they could only allow so many in at a time and the others had to wait in line – outside.  I don’t know what would have been worse, waiting in line or only having five minutes on day two!  It was understandable why these folks wanted to be done.

When you are on a time limit your thinking is not clear and you just do not know where to look and where what you are looking for might be located within six rooms which were, ransacked.  I am always looking for some little bits of this and that to add to my stash, ready to add just the right little something extra.  I spied some old spools of thread and dove into the box to find most of the thread was polyester on plastic spools and patterns from two decades before and a variety of things I could not use – except for a folded up little piece of applique.  Then in another room I found a couple pieces of crochet work, some paint brushes, a jar labeled tiny buttons, and so on.  Not bad for five minutes!  Then came the negotiations.  We were both satisfied and agreed on a price and left with our new treasures.  The lady followed us out and took down the signs and walked back into the house as one does when they don’t know where the strength will come from for even one more step.  My heart went out to them.  I did not even know anything about those people or whose work and passion I held in my hands.

It wasn’t until this morning that I really inspected the Estate Sale items and discovered the beauty of the little applique piece.  Hearts all interconnected and faded into the beauty of time.  Someone had hand stitched a little piece of velvet behind the center heart.  I very carefully steam pressed it flat and lovingly placed on top of the hand crocheted doily before I took the photo.  There is just something about it.  I envisioned it on so many projects, little bits and pieces here and there.  But, as I continued looking at it, I know I can never cut it apart.  Guess I had better find just the right frame and put it in a place of honor in my studio.  I will always wonder who wore that, what it was on and what was the event it was worn for and even more, who was the person who saved it for me to find and cherish all these moments in time later.  I guess I will just never know.


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  1. boy I miss you two! I didn’t spend any time with you at the show…at least not enough for me. And I didn’t know you hand new blogs up, but today, I looked and there was some info about your lives. Mine continues. The parents continue to deplete me on days. But life goes on. At least I got the taxes in the mail before the 15th! That’s a first!

    April 13, 2010 at 12:09 am

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