Expressions of the Soul

Back to Reality

Handmade wool heart and bird pictureYes, it is time to get back to reality or at least what passes as reality in my life!  I am certain if the unsuspecting individual walked into my studio they would see certain chaos and general calamity!  But, that is all part of the creation process, right?  Didn’t I read that creation is messy?  Just doing my part!

I had a wonderful trip to Phoenix to visit my daughter, Mindy, last week.  We went to several eateries we had seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (just in case you didn’t know…from the Food Network) and found they were all pretty darned good!  A couple we went back to – just to make certain it was as good the second visit as the first!

Right across the street (literally) from where my daughter lives is a charming little museum, boasting the history of her (now) little town.  They are having a quilt exhibit.  Well, how could I not go to see that?  As things go, it wasn’t until my last day that I actually got there!  I was unprepared for how the entire experience would affect me.  The quilts were a mixture of old and new with many vintage tops that were rescued from garage sales and newly quilted.  There were quilts that had been used for keeping bodies warm and dreams safe.  Beautiful workings on several crazy quilts were laid safely in cases so people like me would keep their proper distance and not inspect too closely!  But, the unexpected emotions came from reading the history of the town and seeing the faces of the brave souls who traveled great distances from loved ones and the familiar to begin life anew in an environment totally unknown to them.  It wasn’t like there was an internet to check out the climate, businesses, and where the nearest post office is.  These six men and four women began a life on flat, dry land – with nothing and no one else in sight.  Now, that, my friends is courage.

I did get to one local quilt store, one rubber stamp store, and one bead store.  That seemed a fair way to attempt it, as there were many choices!  The real fun was visiting nearly all the local Goodwill stores (of which there are NONE where I live).  Each day there is a “deal”, Tuesday is seniors day (yes, I can proudly get my discount on that day) and once a month there is a 50% off day.  I KNOW!  The fun part is, you just never know what you will find that you never knew you always wanted!

Freshly enthused I am happily back to cutting up little bits of fabrics, attaching buttons, and seeing where my creative Reality takes me today.  Thank you for visiting, tell all your friends to do the same, and leave me comment!


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