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I know!

Gypsy Threads studioI know.  However, knowing does not mean a whole lot until you experience not doing what it is that you know.  Like, I just took what seemed like a long time to write a lovely blog and I went to preview it and that did not happen.  Being me, I thought perhaps if I refreshed the page it would take me to the preview.  After all, it said it was a saved draft, which I guess it was not for it was gone!  Yes, I know!  Oh, well, I have learned something, at least for today.  So, here it goes, again.

I have known for the past several months I need to put away, reorganize, and clean my studio.  After a show is over it always looks like several natural disasters have taken place one right after the other in there.  My intentions are good.  However, there is generally an order or two to be filled after the show.  There are stumbling blocks.  Creating from my heart is one thing.  Creating from my head/heart is another.  There is always the concern that what I am creating will not be what the individual is expecting to receive; for their heart and head have a vision as well.  You can see my problem.  What would normally take me perhaps an afternoon turns into three (or more) days – what with the procrastination and all!  By the time the order is complete and sent on it’s way – you guessed it…it is time to get ready for the next show!  So, I decided this week was carpe diem time.  It took several diems (forgive me if this is not the plural of diem, as high school Latin did not happen for me!) but I got most of it done.


The rug given to me by a dear friend.

The photo to the right is of a beautiful old rug that came home with me from the Three Speckled Hens antique show I did two weekends ago.  It belonged to my friend, Karen, who came along and helped me with the show.  She brought an assortment of lovely antiques which were such a terrific addition to the booth.  I could not have done the show without her.  That is the danger of inviting someone to bring things to put in your booth…I am the one who ends up with them?  I know!  But, that rug is the truth of why the studio got cleaned up…I needed to clear a place for this rug to lay in front of the chair where I do my stitching.  So, actually the rug was necessary to restore balance and harmony in a disaster zone.  Yes, I am content with that reasoning.

I do have two orders to prepare, and yes, it is time to begin preparation for the next show.  That show is June 12 and 13 in Los Altos, CA.  It is the American Country Antiques show and is always one of Country Living Magazine’s “not to be missed” top ten antique shows of the summer.  We are always there, right across the parking lot next to the History House Museum.  HOWEVER, this show we are deep in the thick of things…yes…we are inside the show itself.  The four of us are so excited we can hardly stand it.  To be surrounded by all those treasures…I know, sounds dangerous and exciting all at the same time!  Ah, life on the edge!

Beginning show prepration will have to wait a day or two, as David and I are celebrating our anniversary this Friday, May 14.  Eleven years.  I cannot believe it!  Guess it is time for me to quit blinking in that seems to be how quickly time goes now.  I have had some adventures with that man.  He is very good to me and I truly do appreciate him…most of the time (lol) as his is only human, after all!  We have decided to increase our household by one…one little Pug.  We are currently searching for just the right one to grace our lives.  After all, when my daughter, Mindy and her pug, Stella come to visit there will be a playmate available for Stella!  It will also be a wonderful “excuse” for David and I to take a walk together.  I know just the right pug is waiting somewhere for us to find one another.


With all this said, I thank each of you for reading, commenting, and telling your friends to do the same.  Until next time, do something kind for yourself each and every day.


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  1. I look forward to meeting you the next time I am back home.

    June 9, 2010 at 8:12 pm

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