Expressions of the Soul

Look closer or where are my glasses?

For some odd reason last weekend I did something I rarely do anymore.  I went to several yard sales.  Just got in my little car and drove following the signs.  I was on a (self-imposed) limited budget so I would be careful about what I brought home.  That and watching all those episodes of “Clean House” has made a definite impact!

The yard sale I want to tell you about is one that was in an area of town I had not yet explored since moving nearly a year ago.  There were dozens of signs leading me there as well as the dozens of folks browsing about.  As I walked up the driveway I could not believe my eyes.  Table after table and container after container of fabric, thread, felt, buttons, and “you name it” – in the name of creativity.  The more I looked the more my heart broke.  I had to ask and yes, it was someone’s mom who no longer was able to use these things.

I then approached the items with a tender heart and realized they were items that had occupied my shelves and containers over the years.  I did grab one little scrap of lace full of holes and left its remainder behind and found a few treasures to add to my studio.  I sadly left, feeling haunted by the kindred creative life of this woman.  I knew that one day that would be the sale my family will have…which made me realize I have some work to do!

Upon return home from my quest I just put things where they belonged in our home and went on about my business.  I knew the scrap of lace would be part of my next blog and several days later got the iron heated up and ready to press the wrinkles away.  I ran to get my glasses (which I did not use at the sale) to see if what I suspected was true.  Indeed it was. As you can see it is a most spectacular piece of lace with incredible workmanship.  I am thinking it must be of European origin.  Just look at the detail in the hunter’s waistcoat, his face, and his dog.   Any thoughts on that?  If so, leave me a comment!

How about the detail on the flowers in the vase?  Now, why did I not see this Saturday?  I most certainly would have claimed every little scrap for myself.  The cherub is just too sweet.  If you follow his hand you will see that he is holding a bird!  The bird is quite something and it is connected to the flower vase.   Where did the remainder end up?  I was tempted to drive by and check out the trash containers to see what was put out…or will there be yet another sale?

One thing for certain, I will use it with great thought and consideration for this soul I know only through her choices in a creative life I can understand in part even without my glasses.

Thank you for taking the time to share this incredible piece of lace with me.  Remember to tell your friends to check it out as well and please leave me your thoughts as to it’s origins.  Have a peaceful day and remember what you think about is what your life will be.


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  1. Cheryl Snyder

    I absolutely love your writing about the piece of lace. What a story that piece tells and how beautiful it is. You have such a unique ability to find the “soul” in so much of what you find and turn it into such a treasure. That is why your work is so special — it is very carefully created from a deep inner sense of you! And those who take home your treasures are truly blessed to take the equisite part of you home with them. I cherish you as a wonderful friend. Wish you were closer to me once again — I always treasured watching you create! Love and Blessings!

    May 25, 2010 at 12:11 am

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