Expressions of the Soul


Here it is, the morning before the Heart of the Country Antique show in Los Altos, CA.  The car is nearly packed…well, one car anyway!  I am still finishing one more item to take with and then I’ll be ready – sort of!  I have some terrific new items and I am looking forward to sharing them.  This is the first time we have been inside the show so we do not know what to expect.  I think it will be dangerous being surrounded by all those fabulous antiques just an arm’s length away.  I will have to take a project to keep me busy and away from all those treasures.

I said I would be introducing you to our latest addition to our family.  Meet Pearle!

Pearle our little pug.

This is Pearle!

She is a rescue pug about six years old and has given birth to six litters of puppies.  Poor girl, she must have been worn out.  She is just the sweetest animal I have ever been around.  She is staying with friends while we are gone this weekend.  It will seem funny not having her around as she makes us laugh and breaks your heart all at the same time.  She just looks at you with such adoration.  Yeah, she pretty much had us at hello!

Time to finish the packing, double-check the “list”, and hit the road.  I hope you have a terrific weekend.  Thank you for reading.  Please leave a comment and tell your friends to do the same.  See you soon!


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