Expressions of the Soul

Mmmmmmmmmmm, it smells like a wet dog!

We had put it off for as long as possible, and then a few days more. No denying it, Pearle needed a bath. She stays with her Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve when we are out of town (and remember we were gone for fifteen days in a row). For some reason, Aunt Kathy loves her dogs to have an “earthy” fragrance. I am certain Pearle had passed “earthy” and gone on to just plain “worldly”! Pearle will be going back to stay with Aunt Kathy for the weekend while we go to Paso Robles for the Three Speckled Hens event. I guess Pearle will have to travel smelling faintly of coconut! Phew!
I know you are wondering how Minneapolis was. Epic is the word I would use. It was 2200 miles just to get there! It was awesome to see, hear, and speak to so many people whose work I had seen only on the printed page. I learned a great deal about myself.

Gypsy Threads Booth

Gypsy Threads booth at Creative Connection event


The booth looked good. It was the first time we had set it up this particular way. We got so many comments from nearly every single person who walked by! Folks were very complimentary about my work, as well. I felt validated on so many levels. Not to mention tired.
I get over-stimulated, rather easily. So, for a break, I went to the Junk Bonanza. That was just marvelous. I felt I was where I belonged during the entire experience. There were folks who got me and I didn’t have to explain anything about why my things looked the way they do. The Junk Bonanza had treasures and inspiration to refuel my muse for some time to come!
After the conclusion of the Creative Connection event in Minneapolis, we got in our van and drove further east to one of my favorite quilt stores in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Now, we did not drive directly there, as we passed a zillion antique shops. We only stopped at one, as we were under a time restraint. I’ll just say, it was fantastic!!! But, so was the pull to shop at Country Sampler. David had not yet been and knew instantly why I was so drawn to it. Sigh. It was a sublime experience! Back in the van we went and drove nearly to Saint Louis, Missouri. (We even put our p.j.’s on and went to the laundromat at midnight! Yes, we did it all on this trip!)
Why Saint Louis? Well, to go to Red Lead Stamps in Webster Groves, of course! I fell in love with them online and felt the need to see the actual brick and mortar establishment and meet the owners. I am not sorry for any moment of it! Onward we pushed toward Kansas-where on the way we found perhaps my new absolute, all time, favorite quilt store. I suppose you are wondering which one it is! It is Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, MO.  Sigh. It was wonderful and I cannot WAIT to return again some day!
Westward we pushed and finally arrived in Livermore, CA on Thursday evening. Friday was set up for the beautiful show at Alden Lane Nursery. It was a very nice show, in part due to sharing the experience with a friend of ours…
I will continue with the updating when next we meet! In the meantime, I need to take Pearle for a little walk, continue preparing for this weekend’s show, and eat dinner which my dear, sweet husband prepared for us!
Thank you for reading, leaving me a comment, and telling your friends to do the same! Take care and remember, be kind to someone you have never met!


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