Expressions of the Soul

Someone’s knocking at the front door!

If someone could explain time to me.  Why is it when we are young it drags by ever so slowly and then somewhere, somehow it just takes off and there is no slowing down it’s speed?

The show in Paso Robles was as wonderful as one could imagine, and then some!  It was very difficult to get set up.  Not because of unloading (we even had Chase to thank for the use of his youth and muscles) or even where to put things in the booth.  No, the problem was seeing all the treasures people were bringing in to sell.  How could I possibly run across the way quickly enough to claim it before someone else?  Extreme discipline.  Yep!  Not my natural way of being, especially in the company of all those things I had the perfect place for in our home.  The true danger was during the slow moments (of which there were few) taking a quick trip to see if the object of desire was still there, waiting to be taken home by me!  It was pure bliss!

Forward to a week and a few days.  With a few orders to fill and the Los Altos show looming ahead (and we know time will pass all too quickly before it is time to pack up the van and head south to spend the day with dear friends and customers and customers who have become dear friends) I hear a knock at the front door.  Anyone who has come to our front door knows I generally do not answer the door.  Usually when I am working on something by the time I set needle and thread aside in a safe place, hoist myself from my stitching chair, take off my glasses, avoid tripping over the dog, travel downstairs, and unlock the door whatever poor soul who rang or knocked in the first place has already given up and gone elsewhere!

Today was the exception as I did not have needle and thread in hand and Pearle had gone with David to work.  I opened the door and there stood a woman, apologizing, as she was looking for a retail establishment for Gypsy Threads.  I sell a wonderful magazine called “A Primitive Place” and it’s website has me listed as a distributor and she was aching to purchase a copy.  As luck would have it…I had one copy left!  We got to talking and two and a half hours later we parted company, agreeing to go to Alameda to the flea market in just two weeks!  This is huge for me, as I don’t just make instant friends.  It is a process that I do not take to lightly!  But, this time was different.

AND…just as she was leaving the mail carrier brought the holiday issue of the magazine!  Then the goodbyes began again…it was truly a wonderful thing, meeting Jane today.  I am so glad she knocked at my front door and that I listened to that still small voice that told me to go answer that knock.

The doll in the photo went with me to Paso Robles and is seated in a little doll bed David created.  I ran out of display room and just hung the bed up for a moment and liked it there…of course it presented as the perfect display opportunity for her to rest in.  Email me if she is perfect for you or someone you know who needs her in their life!

Thank you for reading and leaving your comments.  I truly enjoy visiting with you as I read your thoughts about my thoughts!  Please tell your friends about me and ask them to leave their encouragement as well.  Do something kind for yourself today and be kind to someone you do not yet know.  The world is better through kindness.


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