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Peer Pressure

Santa for 2010

It's All Downhill from Here!

There it is, Emily Hollinger’s annual Christmas painting.  It will be live and available for purchase at this weekend’s Bird in Hand Country Christmas show in Los Altos, CA.  You can come by the American Legion Hall, 347 First Street, Los Altos and visit, find awesome goodies for your holiday shopping, sample some vittles prepared by the artists themselves and visit with us and one another.  Sounds like the perfect thing to do on a rainy Saturday, doesn’t it?

Now, for the blog’s title, “Peer Pressure”.  Years ago people used to say, oh, you should sell the things you make.  So, I finally caved.  After all, how difficult could that be?  Just make a few things, throw them on a table and sit back and take in the money from the customers, pack up the empty table and go home.  Well, it is nothing like that!

Often it is grueling, sitting and waiting for inspiration to arrive and it always does it on it’s time table, not mine!!!!!!!!  All this to say, in all the years I have been doing this, today, as I prepare to leave my studio is a TOTAL disaster.  Never ever has it been this bad and for those few of you who have seen my studio in disaster mode, you are probably shocked right about now!  As far as throwing a few things on a table, oh, please!  We are talking six hours of assembling the booth, fixing the lights, and putting out product!  All while having to go to the bathroom, but there is no time!  But, once you see it completed, all is forgotten and you just sigh, smile, and finally, go to the bathroom!

It is time to finish packing the van, straighten up the house (as a friend is coming to spend the night – while we are gone!) and head on south to get set up, visit a favorite restaurant, and get ready to see those smiling faces tomorrow morning.  Will you be one?


3 responses

  1. Kathy E

    Good luck, Carolyn! Would love to see some photos of your booth. Can you post some when you get back?

    December 3, 2010 at 4:34 pm

  2. Gretchen

    Yes, I will be there and I am so looking forward to seeing you and your creations from your heart and imagination. It is my very favorite Christmas shopping outing!
    Thank you for being there!

    December 4, 2010 at 2:53 am

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