Expressions of the Soul

It’s Been Awhile…



Yes, it HAS been awhile. Guess my brain has been on pause for some time now. That sort of gray fog that gets irritated if you attempt to clear it away and when you do attempt something toward that end, it (the fog) just becomes thicker and laughs in a deep, evil way. Let’s just say, the deep laughter just wore me down and I gave up.

Often when you give up there is a sense of relief from letting go of the struggle. Not me. A sort of funk (if you will) grows up and around me. Encasing me in a web so thick there is no breaking through. There is no cure. Just time. Once the little bits of greenery from last year’s garden appeared I realized there might just be a weeeeeee bit of hope.

Speaking of weeeeee…I know you have seen the Geico commercial with the pig in the backseat of the van expressing the delight of the wind in his face…well, there is a free ringtone of that delightful sound he emits. I decided I would download it to my phone. How hard could it be? Well, considerably when you are dealing with a thick fog-covered web of funk! Okay, so, I got all the way to the final step only to find out there was a problem with the site and could I try again later? I felt totally defeated and wounded. My wound has yet to heal. Perhaps I’ll peel back the bandage in a day or two and give it a try again. I’ll let you know if and when I achieve success.

Speaking of phones, I have the second generation Iphone…which I just found out AT&T is no longer going to provide service for and I will need to upgrade my phone. I have mixed feelings about this. I do not have many apps on my phone, maybe ten or so. Of those ten I only use four on a semi-regular basis. That is about all the fog will allow through.

And another thing…there are certain types of music that drive me insane. Like 93.5% of country music, 95% of celtic music, 98
% of jazz, and 99.999% of rap/hip hop (those are two separate categories, right?). I just don’t get any of them. Country/celtic seems to only have about six different songs. Jazz, well, jazz sends me to the kitchen for that butcher knife (metaphorically speaking, of course). The final category I do try listening to from time to time, and I have yet to put any on my Itunes.

I have done some soul-searching on the days the fog is not as thick and have come to several conclusions. It is difficult to find restaurants that actually cook (not frozen stuff heated up) and I refuse to spend money at those establishments. Technology is wonderful, if you understand it. My understanding is merely one drop of mist from a sneeze. There is no substitute for friends. Living further than an hour from a major airport complicates life, as that usually means “things” you need in life to keep you from going insane are generally within 30 minutes of said airport. Knowing what to say in a blog comes more easily some days than others!

Thank you for reading. I would love to have 100 people following me by the end of May. My birthday is next week, so for that special day, see if you can find a group of friends to read my blog and sign up to follow me and ask them to do the same and then I’ll get to my 100 goal. For the 100th individual to sign up I’ll send something special from my very own hands! Remember to be kind to yourself and someone you have never met. Until next time, I’ll be looking through the fog for you!


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  1. Kathy E

    Carolyn, I’ll have to return your Arnica gel (great stuff btw) to help heal your techno-wounds! Boy-howdee, do I know of what you are speaking…that fog can be crippling at times…you can feel it coming in & you want to punch it for making you feel so icky, but there’s nothing there to grab onto! Arrrghhh! If this is 50, what’s 70 going to be? Ah well, one year at a time. Hope this is one of your best years ever! Happy Birthday! Weeeeee-hooo!

    April 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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