Expressions of the Soul

My Heart is Filled With You

It took HOW long?

It took HOW long?

It must be love. Only love would take three, yes, three weeks to create what is in these little envelopes. About seventy little envelopes in all. Just what is in these little envelopes you ask? Insanity!
I decided I just had to make pennants. Small pennants with a special word spelled out to keep you focused on that which means something to you. A sort of “touch stone” for the eye, if you will. Now, a sane individual would cut out a pennant for each letter, stamp on the paper and string it together. Mind you I said, “sane.” So, if you know me at all, that is NOT what I did!
I collected an old French language book, music, recipes, a salacious novel, an old dictionary…well, you get the idea…so each letter would have a different paper, of course. Then if I did a particular word more than once, the papers needed to be different in different order. Then there were the letters used to make the words…yes, they too needed to be different, individually stamped on separate paper and then affixed to the pennant – oh yes- and a little color added to each.
That is why it took me three weeks…in addition to the fact that I stitched the paper so I could make a channel to feed the butcher’s string through for hanging. Here is what I came up with…

All the while, my computer is running slower and slower. The one day it took 25 minutes to bring up my homepage. Who has that kind of time to wait around? Mind you, the computer is, (are you ready?) ten years old! After some wrangling, weeping, and a little wailing, the tower went to the guy who performs miracles on out of date machinery! This morning the wrangling began, again, and the tower was hooked up to all the various components that configure my computing system. Viola, I am back!

Why am I making countless pennants? Well, in two weeks we will once again be traveling to Paso Robles, CA, to do the Three Speckled Hens show! I couldn’t figure out how to get their flyer on here, but you can go to and get the information!

This is all for today. Thank you for reading. Please, please, please share this with your friends and hopefully they will subscribe and share with their friends. I need more publicity, which means, I need YOU to help me with that! Have a terrific weekend and remember to do one kind thing for someone you do not know!


One response

  1. Nancy

    I stopped by your booth today @threespeckledhens show. I wish now I had bought those little heart shaped scissors! Love your craft… and now your blog! Hope you come back to Paso in Oct. Take care and keep sharing bits and pieces of ‘you’ via your blog and craft!

    May 23, 2011 at 2:03 am

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