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Expression of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things that can be so easy to set aside and take for granted. It has to be an activity. An action verb, if you will. Something you do on purpose. Just like change cannot come about if we are not active toward a different outcome. Being grateful for what we are experiencing or where we are living is not always easy. However, being aware that each experience is part of the fabric of our life – each weaving together for us to look back upon in gratitude at the whole cloth of our life and how far we have traveled.

Summer where we live is hot. I am not particularly fond of heat. I am grateful, however, that when I just cannot stand it any longer I can turn on the air conditioner. I am grateful that after dark (when no one can see!) we can travel over to the pool and jump in the cool water and hear ourselves sizzle in relief from the heat. Thank you.

I am grateful to all those service members who give their lives so I can live the life I live. I do not want to get into the politics of whether or not the current war efforts should or should not be what our government has determined is the best for our country and the remainder of the world, but I do recognize that it is a call that many feel drawn toward and their sacrifices are vast. Thank you.

Even though my computer is old, I am grateful each time it comes on again. Recently it went in for a little tune-up and we were told, perhaps a year, at most. I find myself wondering how I will get used to a new machine. In one more year there will be even more amazing things the computers will be able to do! The most amazing one I encountered just today was…as I was purchasing a song on ITunes my telephone let me know I no longer have to hook up the phone to the computer and “sync” it…it just goes there to the phone, automatically! I consider that to be amazing! I am grateful for that! The History channel had 101 Gadgets that have changed our lives. The number one was smart phones. I would say, “Yeah!” I am grateful for what it can do, every day! I talk to my daughter every day and we can take pictures and go on the internet to look at menus from restaurants and get directions to the theater to see the movie we just read a review on on our phone! Can you imagine if General Lee had had a smart phone, y’all?

I am grateful to each friend who helps me when it is time for a show. They travel and help me unload my van and set up the canopy and move in the furniture and wait for me to make up my mind where I actually want it to end up, which is never where I initially thought it would go! Then, when it is time for it all to come down and we are all tired, the sleeves get rolled up and the process begins in reverse! I could not do it without them. I am grateful. Thank you.

I am grateful for the individual who says, I have an extra bedroom, come stay at my house. I generally am a very private individual, but am finding that those friendships are more and more dear as time goes by. Thank you.

A bowful of scissor holders

I am grateful to MDH. MDH stands for My Dear Husband and will forever more be referred to in that manner! He puts up with my unfaltering madness that comes with lack of sleep and frustration over…well…most anything! The fact that there are killer dust bunnies looming in nearly every corner of each room and the sheets are not always changed each week and for some unknown reason my “stuff” ends up, well, on nearly every flat surface…in piles does not bother him…much. I am grateful. Thank you.

I am grateful for change. Grateful at the joy of watching my plants grow and change bring forth beautiful leaves and blossoms. A feast for the eye, the nose and the ear as the bees buzz, the butterfly alights, and the hummingbird dips in his beak.

I am also grateful to each of you for taking time to visit. Leave me a comment and let me know you were here and what is it exactly that you are grateful for. That way I do not feel so alone in the world. Please ask your friend to do the same. I will be ever so grateful! Remember to be kind to yourself and also to someone you have never met!


2 responses

  1. Robin West

    Boy do I miss our chats, those with you and your MDH. This was a very calming blog to read. I’ve been a bit concerned with you since the last one!

    June 16, 2011 at 7:31 pm

  2. Gayle

    Thanks for the heads-up about moving your blog – don’t want to miss a single entry!

    July 10, 2011 at 10:13 am

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