Expressions of the Soul

The Common Thread is…?

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

The above is just a little something I am putting together! It will travel with me – soon. Which leads me to a riddle for you. What common thread is there between a Buggy Barn, a goat, Three Speckled Hens, fishes, 3 Pugs, and a Bird in Hand? Oh, you clever folks probably already guessed it… Those are (in part) names of upcoming shows I will be attending!

The Buggy Barn is just that. A lovely quilt shop in Reardan, Washington, known for their publications, fabrics, and love of all things primitive and antique. They have an outdoor quilt show every year. The week before the quilt show nationally recognized teachers come to teach and then the rest of us show up with our wares to share with folks! I believe this has been happening for the past 15 years. It is Gypsy Threads’ first visit. I am really looking forward to meeting all the wonderful folks I have been dealing with these past several months.

Now, for the goat part. Next month I will be traveling to Los Gatos, CA, to do a truly fun show called Goat Hill Fair. You can check them out at It is their second event and my first for attending as a vendor. I must say, I am honored to be on their postcard for mailing! Those of you who are local will be receiving one in the mail to remind you to stop by and visit. It will be fun!

The 3 Speckled Hens are no surprise! The first weekend in October we will be returning to Paso Robles for a terrific time with all the gang. We just feel like that is home for us. A real family!

Fishes…wondering about that one, are you? I have been invited by a friend in Carmel, CA, to bring my wares to her home for a trunk show! She is inviting a group of her bestest BUDS to come do a little early Christmas shopping! I know it will be a delightful afternoon.

I am leaving Carmel, and traveling to Phoenix, to visit my daughter and her two pugs, Stella and Brie. Which, I know, you are thinking my math is off – again. No, because Pearle will be traveling with me! I cannot wait to see these three gals together. Only Stella and Pearle have met, but from what I hear, Brie loves just everyone and never stops wagging her tail…which for a pug is something to see! I may do a couple of cold calls and take my things a few places and see who might be interested in some Gypsy Threads!

Last, but not at all least, is Bird in Hand. That is our holiday show in Los Altos, the first weekend in December. The usual gang will be there. Antiques, paintings, folk art, and some goodies to munch on!

Wool Heart Pincushion

Of course, there will be more information as the time gets closer. Aren’t you excited? I know I am. I have been hard at work making some never before seen items, all the while knowing a vacation is in order! Guess I can rest when I die! At least I am not getting in too much trouble! Although we did go to four estate sales over the weekend. They are such fun, because you just never know what you will find. The last one we went to on Sunday afternoon and when we pulled in the sign had my favorite words….everything is FREE!!!!!!!! We did find a few things for David, like rusty nails for birdhouses and the like.

Well, thank you for reading. Please share this with your friends and plan on coming and seeing me somewhere or all the “wheres”! I love to read your comments so keep those rolling in. Until we connect again, remember, eat thoughtfully and organic as much as possible, and be kind to yourself and someone you have never met before.


One response

  1. Madonna Reilly

    Hi Caroline, It was great to see you at La Selva Beach! I always love seeing what you’ve been up to. I am interested in the trunk show in Carmel that you’ll be in as that’s right in my area. If possible let me know the details and I’ll stop over. Thanks so much, you are such an inspiration! Madonna

    August 8, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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