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Does My Head Hang Low?

Yes, yes my head DOES hang low!  Only because it has been sooooooo very long since I have last posted.  I wanted to.  I really wanted to.  I suppose you are asking, “If you really wanted to so badly, why didn’t you?”  Well, let me tell you why.  I am weak.  If the computer is on I will think of something I want to look up, and the next thing you know, it is an hour later and I have not completed the thing I am working on to take with me to my next show.  It is the same as unplugging the telephone (yes, I just dated myself on that one….who unplugs their phone any more?  We just set the cell phone to vibrate, or “power it down!”)


The other “reason” for not posting, is my OLD computer is so, so, so slow it takes forever.  I am into this posting at eighteen minutes and I STILL do not have the picture up and inserted.  I need to get a new computer.  There, now you know what trials I am facing.  Not to  mention I am technologically challenged!  I thought I would let that one go, but, since I am being honest it is only right I include it as well.

Let's celebrate Halloween!

You can see I have been busy getting some fall things ready.  Seasonal offerings are not my strong suit.  But, I do manage to get some done, usually.


So, since we were last together, David and I traveled to northeastern Washington to do a quilt show at the Buggy Barn quilt shop.  Never before have I done a quilt show on the prairie.  Well, hats off, once again to the folks that crossed this vast country of ours (often on foot for a majority of the journey) and settled in places where there was (and in many cases it remains true, still, to this day) nothing and no one! Courage and fortitude I do not possess.  Here is what I saw from the front of our booth.

I wasn’t kidding, was I?  (lol!)


To pass the time as we drove past miles and miles of wheat fields, David read from a book of love letters written between a civil war officer and his wife during that great war. In addition, we had great adventures to include stopping at one of my favorite places, Crafter’s Warehouse.  Two hours in there just flew by with purchases of things I need and cannot find anywhere else!  We stopped by a couple places to eat which were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  The most unexpected stop was a visit to Shipwrecked Beads in Oregon.  It is about the size of a grocery store.  WOW!  Found things there I need!  Then we came across a town with several little antique stores.  We had the best time, and of course, found a few little treasures to bring home!  I cannot wait to go back there again.  All this and we had the Quilter’s Companion with us and found several inspiring quilt stores along our path.  Good stuff for the old inspiration factory!


Last weekend was the show at Goat Hill Farm, in Soquel, CA.  It was a true working farm, complete with lots and lots of dust!  And sun!  Phew!  Let’s just say a shower and a beer were in order immediately after the close of the show each day!  This was only the second time for the Goat Hill Faire.  All of the vendors were terrific with treasures galore.  The owners of the property were marvelous, kind, easy going, generous, and gracious hosts.  (Let’s just say when I needed help backing up the van it was offered just as easily as if we’d known one another forever!)  BUT, that was nothing compared to Cyndi Garafolo, the show organizer.  She was kind, patient, caring, and just a dream.  I say, “thank you, and I am a better person because of you”.  I also could not have done it without the help of my friends, Karen and Cheryl.  They came out in the dust and heat and helped me break down and load the van at the close of the show.  Thank you both.  I am empowered by your strength.


Guess what!  October 1 and 2, we will be in Paso Robles for the 3 Speckled Hens event at the fairgrounds.  I just adore those ladies and cannot wait to see my friends from there!  This is the fourth time I have done this show.  (I should say, “we”, as David is the brawn and companion which makes it all come together!)  Having said this, I realize I need to get back to work so I have some more things made to take along with me in JUST ONE WEEK!  So, if you can, come by and say, “Howdy!” (it is cowboy country down there).  It will be nice to see you!


Thanks for stopping by.  If you are so moved, share your comments and tell a friend or two to do the same.  I appreciate each of you.  Do something nice for yourself and a kindness for someone you never met before.




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  1. David

    Great blog…heartfelt, opinionated, engaging, and funny – all the things we like about you!

    September 21, 2011 at 5:05 pm

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