Expressions of the Soul


Yes, trepidation!  Of what?  Blogging?  Perhaps!  But, it begins way before the actual blogging process takes place.  It begins with attempting to turn on the computer.  Yes, it took nine times of pushing the button to get it to come on.  The button is tempermental.  Yes, tempermental.  I looked it up and that is the exact word for that button!  We had the computer guru do his magic while we were away during the summer and he did say there were some “issues” which were (for lack of a better word) inoperable.  So, it is not a question of IF but a question of WHEN the ole’ gal will no longer draw her last breath.  Mr. Guru assures us the device he placed on the computer will back everything up….pardon me if I am skeptical (which is not his fault)!

So, the issue of getting the computer turned on is part of the delay in blogging.  Once the computer is on molasses in winter is faster than dealing with the delays.  Perhaps the title of this blog should be FRUSTRATION!  Speaking of frustration, I do not look forward to the process of finding a new computer and then learning how to use it.  Yes, it WILL be different, as this computer was purchased in 2002.  The year, not the movie!

It has been so long since I last blogged the format has changed and I am having trouble posting a photo!  If when you read this there is a photo you will know I somehow muddled through and if there is not, you will know, once again of my ineptitude at figuring out how to do computer “stuff”!

This coming Saturday is my final show of the year.  It has been an ordeal in preparing for it.  My therapist could buy an island after dealing with this one…if I had a therapist.  I have come up with some new things just for the upcoming holiday season.  Not my usual offerings…well, sort of, but different for me!  The show we call the Bird in Hand Country Christmas is once again, Saturday, December 3, 2011, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the American Legion Hall on First Street in Los Altos, CA.  There are a variety of choices there for you from Christmas to Folk Art to Antiques to birdhouses to rejuvenated gems!  One stop shopping and you are supporting America by buying from people who are actually making the items themselves right here in America. There is a huge difference in the goods from China.  They are tempting, but the quality is definitely not there.  So, I ask that you consider supporting the American made goods.  It will make a difference in the lives of our countrymen and countrywomen.  We also have live music and a few goodies for you to munch on to keep up your strength while you shop!

Sounds like rambling.  The wind is (literally) blowing up to 45 mph, so if they do not blow away to the next county, the things I put outside to dry from my dying process should be ready to come in for the next step!

Thank you for reading.  I am feeling a little less trepidacious (how’s that for a word?) Carefully consider your holiday purchases this year.  Remember we all need our oil changed, cars washed, go out to eat at locally owned restaurants or would enjoy seeing an independent film at the local theater.  Pass this along to your friends, if you feel so led.  Remember to be kind to someone you have never met and leave me a comment!  Until next time.

Bird Pin Cushion

Bird Pin Cushion


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