Expressions of the Soul

And so it begins!

A Tasty View!

Well, we all know change is not easy!  As you know, our computer, after ten years of service was experiencing problems, which meant I too was experiencing problems.

We have proudly welcomed the new computer, an iMac, 21.5″ screen into our home.  All I can say is, “Oh, MY!”  As usual there is a learning curve.  That is, in part, part of the delay in posting.  Along with a new computer for blogging, my etsy site needed to be revamped.  Yeah.  None of this can be done by me.  It isn’t that I have not tried!  My attempt today resulted in nearly an hour of trying to figure out how to get out of Mission Control.  Which, I had to call my son and ask for help.  I did finally get out of Mission Control (as you can now tell), but try as I might, I still cannot get a photo loaded.  Yes, it is back to begging my daughter to try to learn me how!

I got a book to help me with my iPad, which I still adore, one year after purchase.  Here is the thing.  Books for some folks are just the ticket.  Apparently I lost my ticket somewhere between here and there!  I lay the book out and very carefully do exactly what they say and ta da!  Yep, it doesn’t work.  The worst part is once you update your product the stuff in the book is out of date because your system isn’t configured the way it was when you bought the dang book!

I have begun work on the items traveling with me to my next show in February!  The show is the PVQA Quilt Show, the final weekend in February.  Watsonville, CA.  New things are coming forth.  I am HOPING to complete a new pattern.  We will see how long the learning curve is for the computer.  Guess the computer needs no curve, it is I who needs a nice, gentle, gracious curve!  We will also see what my frustration tolerance level is coming in at!  I will be discontinuing several patterns.  They will be on sale at the PVQA show and I will have them listed on my etsy site, just as soon as it is all up and running!

Thank you for being patient and supportive.  Please share this with your friends via Twitter or your own blog or Facebook.  Leave me a comment so I know how you are doing!  Remember, be kind to yourself and someone you have never even met!


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