Expressions of the Soul

Late to the Party

Well, here it is, just three weeks (+ or _) from the official start of summer!  How did THAT happen?  It has been a wonderfully busy spring.  We have done three new shows these past few weeks, which means more time in the studio!


The van is nearly packed and accommodations have been made for Pearle as we depart for Turlock tomorrow for an Open House at American Country.  This is just the most charming little shop, out in the middle (no exaggeration) of farm country!  The shop proper is a log cabin from my neck of the woods, Ohio.  They had it dismantled, shipped to California and reassembled!  What a treat it is to hear the floorboards creak, echoing the steps of others who spent time there before us.  There are all sorts of goodies for us to drool over.  If you want to come join the fun we are there on Friday, June 1 from 10:00 to 4:00.


Are you ready?  We are leaving Turlock on Friday evening and driving to San Luis Obispo to spend the night.  The next morning we are heading to Remnants of the Past show…not as a vendor…yet…but glad to visit with all our vendor friends there!  We went to their very first show and nearly died.  Now it is five times larger so I am hoping I don’t pass out from shear pleasure!  Oh, and the best part is…it was David’s idea!  Sigh!


The following week I head to Los Altos to do the American Country Antique show.  This is my tenth summer for that show.  Our group has changed in size a little but we all have something yummy for your home or person!  That show is also from 10:00-4:00.  We are in the back corner where we have been for the past three years, right in the show!!!!


Okay, time for me to finish all those things I “need” to get done before going to bed way too late tonight!


Thank you for reading, telling your friends about Gypsy Threads, and leaving me a comment so I know I am still connected to the “real” world!  Be kind to yourself and do something kind for someone you don’t even know.


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